Good Design in the New Year

January 2014

The New Year brings with it endless possibilities for the future. For many, resolutions proclaim a fresh start, a new challenge or a simple goal. We at Luminaire embrace each new year as an opportunity to discover new design and view the classics with fresh eyes. We believe it’s time to make a resolution to see how good design can affect your life.

Your home, more than simply a place to reside, is a malleable environment which can be enhanced through design. This environment becomes what we like to call your “third skin.” Like the first, physical skin of your body and the second skin of clothing, the third skin is an extension of who you are and who you wish to become. It is this third skin that awakens all senses as you interact with your surroundings. It can be the interior of your car, engineered and designed for maximum comfort, ergonomics and safety, or your living space, complete with treasured objects and furnishings both functional and sentimental.

These atmospheres guide how you experience the world around you, profoundly affecting your everyday life. Just as you take care of your skin and physical body through eating well, exercise or cosmetics and you dress as an extension of your personality in clothing that makes you feel confident, the third skin deserves similar attention.

At Luminaire, we are deeply committed to enhancing your third skin. And since good design is good design no matter the scale, small changes can make big impacts. Whether adding well designed accessories that can begin a conversation or adding furniture from one of the most esteemed designers in the world, Luminaire offers solutions to bring good design into the home.

And, as many of our clients know, the best parts of Luminaire are not found on the showroom floor. Approaching 40 years of bringing good design to the public, we have deep relationships with the most respected brands and innovative designers working today. This year, let our passionate staff of sales associates and in-house interior architects show you how good design can affect your life and enhance your home.