Heel from Nendo Inspired by Stiletto

June 2013

Heel, designed by Oki Sato of Nendo for legendary Italian manufacturer Moroso, features a simple outline and form that is combined with conceptual depth and delight characteristic of the Japanese designer. For Sato, the definition of design is in its narrative. Design is inspired by the small moments in life that when internalized become a personal revelation, or an “Aha!” moment.

Sato’s “Aha!” moment happened while taking notice of a pair of stilettos. Inspired by their silhouette, he envisioned a simple design, later realized as the Heel chair. Each line is exact and purposeful, as if drawn in the air and materialized in wood. With Heel, Nendo strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and innovation, minimal and welcoming.

While the back two legs of most traditional chairs continue the straight lines of a backrest, the back legs of Heel curve upward like the heel of a stiletto, meeting the central section of its backrest. The backrest is hollow, creating a structure both graceful and light. Made of wood lacquered in black or white or left natural, these modest, stackable chairs can make a striking statement in most any environment whether commercial or residential.

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