Konstantin Grcic Meets Le Corbusier in Cite Radieuse

July 2013

Cite Radieuse is the imagined utopia of Le Corbusier. He conceived it in 1952 as a nine-story “vertical village” for collective living. This modernist icon is made of concrete and peppered with the bold, pure hues of primary colors.

Each year the owner of Apartment 50, who maintains the unit in almost its perfect original condition, invites contemporary designers to transform the space with their unique perspective and energy. After the clash of contexts, the unit is opened to the public, and invited to experience the new creation from contrasting perspectives. This year Konstantin Grcic curated Apartment 50 with his favorite designs in punctuated in red, black and white alongside large black and white punk rock repro-prints.

The designer’s viewpoint of “a rawness and uncompromising spirit, which I have always found compellingly beautiful. Bringing both cultures together in this project felt most inspiring and, in the end, surprisingly fitting” is evident throughout the unit, and brings some interesting and stylized edge to the space.

Designs on display include Grcic’s 360° chairs and container, Topkapi marble table, Miura bar stool, l2-Hands laundry basket, Pro chair, Mayday lamps, Venice armchair, Pallas table and Diana side tables, Myto chair, Tip bin and H2O buckets, chair_ONE and the Medici chairs, side table and foot stool.

15 July -15 August 2013
Cité Radieuse
Unité d’Habitation Le Corbusier
Rue 280 boulevard Michelet, Apartment 50
Marseille, France

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