LASVIT: Bohemian Perfection

May 2016

Respecting Bohemian glass traditions yet with a keen eye on new technologies, Lasvit, which translates to “Love & Light” in Czech, has established itself as the authority in lighting sculptures made from hand-blown glass. At Salone del Mobile 2016, Lasvit presented “Via Lucis”, a journey through unique and contemporary projects enhanced by the experience and skills of master glassmakers that took place at the Sale Napoleoniche of Palazzo Serbelloni, where Napoleone Bonaparte once resided during his stay in Milan. The precious Bohemian crystal chandeliers created for him, were restored thanks to the Lasvit team and the strong commitment of Fondazione Serbelloni’s team.

Past met the future where renowned names such as Andre Fu, Moritz Waldemeyer and Maurizio Galante, alongside Czech legends and young designers, reinterpreted the Neoclassical taste of chandeliers with a contemporary twist by combining Czech glassmakers’ artisanal know-how and craftsmanship. Another highlight of “Via Lucis” was a dynamic lighting sculpture titled Intergalactic created by Lasvit’s internal designers Petra Krausova and Libor Sostak.

Founded in 2007 by Leon Jakimic and based in the Czech Republic, Lasvit has collaborated with leading designers and artists such as Nendo, Campana Brothers, Ross Lovegrove, Daniel Libeskind, Maarten Baas, Ross Lovegrove, Czech legends Rene Roubicek and Borek Sípek, and more. Characterized for the detailed precision and mastery of Lasvit’s glassmakers and their unconventional artistic designs, Lasvit transforms glass into breathtaking light and design experiences.

At Luminaire we are proud to represent Lasvit and include their lighting pieces as part of our collection. Visit one of our showrooms or our online store to experience their bohemian perfection.