Light Photon Exclusively at Luminaire

December 2012

Celebrating 50 years of developing iconic lighting with some of the world’s most respected designers, Italian lighting manufacturer Flos looks to the future with the Light Photon lamp, a new innovative design by longtime Flos-collaborator Philippe Starck. Limited to a series of 5 pieces, Luminaire is pleased to offer the first five of this spectacular lamps for sale in the US.

On first glance, one may not recognize the true function of the object due to it’s unconventional design and flat lighting surface. By utilizing advanced OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology, the lamp is able to produce light on one side and reflect it on the other, thanks to a mirror-effect metalized surface that is unbelievably thin. The lighting element is the largest OLED panel in production in the world and further adds to the remarkable fusion of design and technology present in the lamp.

Made from 316L stainless steel – the same type used in high-quality luxury watches – the lamp features a square base that obtains a motion-sensing on/off switch and an engraved “50” to commemorate the anniversary of the iconic company. Rising from the base is a slender rod from which the head of the lamp is mounted. The specially machined connection between the base and head of the lamp allows the OLED panel to rotate while at the same time angling up and down. This unique connection allows the light to be dispersed as needed whether that be directly flooding down to the surface or off to an angle creating a unique silhouette.

A perfect synthesis of formal purity, technological innovation and light magic, Light Photon represents a breakthrough for organic electronics in terms of light quality, light-emitting surface size and mechanical integration while maintaining excellence in design.

We invite you to interact with this remarkably advanced light at the Luminaire Lab. Light Photon is available for purchase now through our online store as well as in our showrooms.