Luminaire Welcomes Arper

January 2012

With a foundation in innovation, insight and research, Italian furniture manufacturer Arper partners with leading international designers to produce products that seamlessly transition from residential to contract environments. Reduced to their essential elements, the pieces in Arper’s collection demonstrate experimentation with new forms that are physically resilient and stylistically timeless. While backed by careful research, Arper’s furniture maintains a sense of spontaneity and remains effortlessly contemporary. Arper’s commitment to good design runs parallel with Luminaire’s philosophies, making the partnership a natural fit.

Set up in the late 1980s, the manufacturer’s initial success sprung from the company’s expertise in producing high-quality leather seating. However, as demand for a larger range of products increased, Arper branched into new materials and typologies. Through its history, the commitment to creating good design based on technique, function, material, sustainability and use has led them to succeed in the global marketplace.

Arper’s products offer versatility, variety and near-endless configurations to ensure the perfect fit for a wide range of spaces. Through a long partnership with the studio Lievore Altherr Molina, Arper has introduced some of its most iconic pieces including the Catifa range of seating. Based on the concept of a single plane undulating to form a seat, the chair is adventurous and intriguing while remaining functionally sound and true to the brand’s standards. More recently, Arper has collaborated with Simon Pengelly who designed Nuur, a table that subtracts the superfluous in favor of an aesthetically pure vision. This table has been honored with the 22nd Compasso d’Oro Award for Excellence in Design, adding additional accolades to the highly awarded company.

Renowned for its ability to interpret the needs and trends of the international marketplace, Arper’s collection of seating and tables demonstrates an inventive outlook on design, offering solutions to design challenges in both the home and office with an innovative range of products.

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