LuminaireX Celebrates with an Event

March 2013

On March 21, LuminaireX celebrated its ever-evolving, experimental community with an event featuring great design at affordable prices from our own collection alongside bold and poetically effortless fashion, revolutionary city and cargo bikes, and culinary delights. Less than two weeks after welcoming fashion designer Katrin Schnabl and J.C. Lind Bike Co. into the LuminaireX family, the temporary concept shop presented two more food-focused partners, up-and-comers Madison and Rayne and Popcorn Asylum, during the event.

Catering the event just days after the launch of their website, Madison and Rayne offered nearly two-hundred guests bites of some of their locally-sourced, high-quality meals. Co-founders Josh Jones, former Chef de Cuisine at Chicago’s nationally-acclaimed Spring Restaurant, and Melanie Mityas share a passion for great food and, with Madison and Rayne, have created a service that allows everyone to rediscover –or discover for the first time – how fun and rewarding it can be to cook at home. After selecting desired meals from an online menu, customers receive a beautiful, insulated package of pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions. By eliminating the time spent looking for recipes and hunting down ingredients, customers with little time at the end of the day to cook can still experience the joy of creating a great tasting, freshly prepared meal without resorting to lukewarm takeout or leftovers. Following the event, LuminaireX visitors were able to make online orders from the showroom while learning more about the team and its services.

Popcorn Asylum also entertained guests at the event with its own uniquely exciting personality. Not your run-of-the-mill popcorn shop, Popcorn Asylum sources only the finest ingredients to create surprising combinations of flavors that redefine the popcorn experience. When working as a lawyer, owner Benjamin Zion enjoyed making popcorn for coworkers. Soon enough, this passion grew, leading to a career move that saw him exit law in favor of opening his dreamshop. The son of avid art collectors, Zion’s Popcorn Asylum also showcases contemporary art from a wide range of artists while paying close attention to design details in its packaging.

Surrounding the partners and guests was LuminaireX’s collection of rare and unique pieces from accessories and chairs to sofas and wall systems. These pieces represent a sampling of work from a compelling roster of designers who are mainstays in all of Luminaire’s showrooms including Patricia Urquiola, Konstatin Grcic, the Bouroullec Brothers and Philippe Starck. The pieces, some long out of production, are being offered at appealing prices up to 60% off. But potential clients must act fast for the limited quantities of products, because at LuminaireX, once a product is sold, it is replaced by a new item ensuring the showroom is always evolving.

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