LuminaireX debuts its fourth edition in the Miami Design District

October 2017

An environment like no other, LuminaireX comes back to Miami and debuts in the heart of the Design District, at 4141 NE 2nd Ave. From October to the end of December 2017, LuminaireX invites the community to celebrate good design, experiment with the Schindelhauer performance bikes, experience a new way to shop for basic apparel with Neushop and explore a unique selection of Luminaire pieces at surprisingly affordable prices. It’s an exciting opportunity to Explore, Experiment, and Experience design in a way that can impact people’s lives.

Explore Neushop, a company founded to pursue a return to what basic and essential means in clothing. Rather than following the fashion industry’s whims, Neushop seeks to design an elemental wardrobe whose simplicity stems from rich forethought and craftsmanship. Traveling around the world in the search for quality materials and manufacturers, Neushop has acquired a deep understanding of production leading them to design timeless, long-lasting products that transcend conventional labels. Their pieces are simple yet universal and made for all.

Experiment with The Superior Bike Shop, the exclusive US distributor of Schindelhauer bicycles. Not only are their bikes designed to deliver pure joy on every ride, their sophisticated design also allows them to be displayed as works of art when not in use. Effortlessly balancing aesthetics with function, this collection of contemporary bicycles is designed and hand-assembled in Berlin, Germany. Since its inception in 2009, Schildelhauer has built a reputation for timeless elegance and minimal aesthetic, becoming synonymous with exceptional design and premium quality know-how in technology.

Experience LuminaireX, an extension of the company’s tradition of collaborating with others to expand the understanding and appreciation of design. The compelling selection of Luminaire pieces in limited quantities will alternate according to sales. Once an item sells, another replaces it, ensuring the showroom stays true to its dynamic nature, where attendees are able to shop for pieces inside an interactive space that both stimulates and inspires.

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