Moving the Soul with Authentic Design

May 2013

Everyday experience is elevated by design when its poetry resonates with the soul. This poetry is enhanced when design offers superior functionality, durability, use of appropriate material, and outstanding craftsmanship. Replicas, reproductions, appropriated design or ‘knock-offs’ focus primarily on visual replication of great design, bastardizing authentic design with lack of integrity and often inferior quality, assuming that ‘design’ equals ‘aesthetics’.

After experiencing a certain amount of success in the marketplace, almost all design-oriented products are copied and sold to unwitting consumers, and more recently, predominately on the internet. For over 39 years Luminaire has fervently supported authentic design.

Members of the design community who are committed to authentic design have taken a firm stance against those who copy. This year some of Luminaire’s design partners, including Alessi, FLOS, Emeco, Artek, Herman Miller, Vitra and Fritz Hansen, have joined forces to bring attention to this epidemic and preserve authentic design through industry, influence and an emphasis on educating consumers. Their organization, Be Original, has been galvanizing support across the globe and recently participated in a conference moderated by Julie Lasky at Wanted Design during ICFF 2013.

We look forward more individuals and organizations joining us in the cause to change lives through original designs. To support the designers of today and motivate the designers of tomorrow, we must stand on the principle of creativity, endorse only authentic design and encourage consumers to purchase originals.