May 2014

Some times words fall short and there are inexplicably overwhelming emotions – that moment is what Nendo’s design strive to capture. Two years ago, when Oki Sato, Nendo’s co-founder, made his US debut at Luminaire he demonstrated the quintessential Nendo philosophy that each design must capture the unexplainable “!” moments in life while reshaping them into something that is easy to understand. This vision coupled with Desalto’s risk-taking and avant-garde manufacturing creates a collection that interrupts conventional design and forced it forward.

During this year’s Salone Internationale del Mobile in Milan, Italy, the Nendo and Desalto partnership proved to be the right blending of innovative thought and impeccable execution. Much like the year before, when Desalto paired with Tokujin Yoshioka in one of the most inspired collections in resent years, Elements, the manufacturing company gambled on a visionary’s inspiration and established a successful strategy. Desalto proves that risk and vision pay off as visceral reactions to designs that push against the grain and challenge the audience to elevate the conversation.

The collection, Softer than Steel, presents a variety of new products including seating, tables and complements like a coat-rack and wall shelf. Eschewing color or texture, the collection in solid white makes the form the most important part of each piece. Combining organic form with unique details, the benches were especially delightful. Rounded forms in plan, the backrests of each piece gracefully rise from the planar surface as if pulled by an invisible hand. The steel shows no joinery, giving the impression of a stretched section.

Desalto’s inexhaustible search for the best technology and functionality research has a proven track record of recognition from receiving the “Best of the Best Award” at the Interior Innovation Awards Cologne in 2003, to receiving the prestigious Red Dot award in 2009.

Having made the debut of the Softer than Steel chair at Luminaire Chicago in 2012, we continue our vested interest in this innovative endeavor and partnership. We believe taking risks propels design forward and deepens the conversation.