Paola Lenti at Luminaire Lab

November 2015

Luminaire welcomed Paola and Anna Lenti on Thursday, December 3rd at Luminaire Lab for the book signing of TESSERE SPAZI | WEAVING SPACES. Renowned for the innate sensibility with the inherent quality and potential of each material, Paola Lenti uses creative approaches to sustainable materials that have made the company a leader in the outdoor furniture arena. On display were the company’s most recent indoor designs including the Move sofa, Kanji table and the Elsie dining chairs.

TESSERE SPAZI | WEAVING SPACES celebrates 20 years of Paola Lenti’s creations and examines through suggestions and visual associations, the key-concepts of her unique approach. The book chronicles the company’s design process in which skilled hands have given geometric precision, shape, proportion, and concrete essence to the visible. The idea of giving visibility to beauty and harmony is visually and tactually reflected in the graphics and appearance of the book.

Spanning both traditional Italian processes of design and craft, while also looking abroad, the Paola Lenti brand demonstrates a global engagement, presenting work that is timeless and constantly evolving meanwhile exuding a special connection to mother nature. We are proud to promote good design by welcoming the renowned Italian company to our Miami Design District location.