Pascal Oudet: Lace-like Wood Sculptures

May 2015

Inspired by the effect nature has on materials, Pascal Oudet’s wood sculptures are intricate filled with complex yet simple details. Born in 1972 in Vesoul, France and trained in engineering Oudet started woodturning in 2006. Since then, he has showcased his pieces in design shows and exhibitions around the world continuing to amaze the world with his fine craftsmanship. Using only local woods and inspired by the weathered aspects of driftwood his pieces are handmade one of kind decorative pieces.

The inner structure of materials is a great source of inspiration for Oudet. By woodturning and using other techniques such as sandblasting, his pieces result in intricate lace-like surfaces with tangible textures. These textures reveal a distinctive transparency and history of the material. Most of his pieces such as Vortex and Deandrochronologie are created using the wood lathe and by sandblasting that involves a great deal of labor. Driven by innovation, Oudet pushes himself to always experiment with new concepts never limited to the tools utilized but driven by his imagination. Luminaire is proud to carry a wide variety of Pascal Oudet’s one of a kind sculptures.