20th Anniversary of Lissoni's Frog Chair

July 2015

Designed in 1995 by Piero Lissoni, the Frog chair is considered the pioneer of the low and wide proportion seat cultivating a new way to live in a more relaxed and understated manner. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Living Divani has updated this classic, yet kept its distinctive essence and characteristic of lightness. Today, the most contemporary soul of the Frog emerges in a total black Carbon Fiber version giving the iconic seat a sophisticated urban edge. A favorite of Luminaire, we are glad to attest to the chair’s good design by it being as relevant today as it was when it was first designed. Standing the ultimate design trial – the test of time.

Harmonious proportions and a sense of understated luxury are the distinguishing elements of Living Divani, a dynamic Italian family run business. In 1998 Piero Lissoni formed a strategic alliance with the company and since then, has expressed the firm’s unmistakable style – discreet, neutral in its forms, light and dynamic with a well-balanced and essential design that combines clean lines and shapes with ergonomics and comfort. His highest goal is simplicity as a way of thinking, as an attitude that holds a great inner complexity. With understated ease, all his designs scale down and get to the essence of things.

The Italian born architect, Piero Lissoni has established himself as one of most notable names is contemporary design for his clean, industrial aesthetics. His approach begins from a humanistic vision that, for him, is the only one that would make sense to a true designer no matter the medium. The Frog chair, low to the ground with wide legs to support its generous seat and slightly reclined back, offers an inviting place to unwind.