Second Life Rings

December 2011

Constantly searching the globe for the best in good design, Luminaire’s collection is ever-evolving to reflect our latest finds. When Nasir Kassamali, founder and president of Luminaire, saw the Second Life collection of rings while traveling through Tokyo, he was immediately struck by the innovative production techniques and honesty of materials poetically explored in the contemporary jewelry. Designed by Moissue, the collection of recycled wooden rings was six months in the making.

Finding a second life through an unexpected process, the Second Life collection is a stunning assortment of rings created by recycling found wood shavings and compressing them into bands that highlight the contrasts of colors and grains. The pure wood texture are familiar yet exciting in both wide, monochromatic and slim, striated rings.

With a simple shape and grain, these rings make a low-key announcement of your tastes and attitudes. These wide bands are unique and inventive while at the same time provide a solution to the dramatic waste of natural materials, finding their surprising richness and beauty from what was once destined to be trash.

A poetic exploration of nature’s gifts, the designer attempts to combine different veneers and wood types through a mechanical turning process. No two are the same, giving this ring the distinctive sense of individual personality.

Slim Striated Ring
Wide Monochromatic Ring