Soft Furnishings: Kinnasand and Kvadrat/Raf Simons

May 2015

During NeoCon® 2015, Luminaire is proud to announce its Soft Furnishings collection for window treatments and floor coverings from Kinnasand, and Raf Simons collection of textiles for Kvadrat. Their exquisite exploration of structure, texture and colors evident in their impeccable attention to detail, transports you to a sensorial and magical ambiance. An opening reception will take place Tuesday, June 16 at 6 PM at Luminaire Chicago to celebrate this exciting new phase.

With its subtle yet clear Nordic designs, Kinnasand draws on over 200 years of experience producing high-quality textiles characterized by its impeccable attention to detail and splendid materials. Designed by award winning Creative Director Isa Glink, the designs stimulate the senses adding a new dimension to the experience of a space. Luminaire’s Soft Furnishings collection also includes the exclusive representation of the renowned designer Raf Simons’ upholstery line for Kvadrat. Recognized for being the Creative Director of Parisian fashion house Dior, Belgium-born Simons is inspired by his deep admiration for art. Bringing an innovative blend of color and materials from his fashion background, the acclaimed designer brings his distinguished yet playful style to home interiors.

Simultaneously on display will be a selection of new designs by Nendo that embody Oki Sato’s quintessential philosophy that each product must capture the inexplicable “!” moments in life such as his new Offset-Frame collection from Osaka based Kokuyo. Luminaire is proud to encourage interaction of what constitutes good design with exhibitions, lectures and other education endeavors in our showrooms and online. We deeply believe that environments affect people’s lives, for that reason we are dedicated to being a design resource for creating an ambiance that is up to par with your beliefs.