USM Modular Furniture: Simple Versatility

October 2013

Swiss timeless design strips away the unnecessary; there is a purpose for each component, and there is no need for the superfluous. That is exactly what USM offers. The Swiss firm bases its long-standing success on the premise that design should be adaptable and flexible, but never give up quality in the process.

The USM Haller modular system, named after the Swiss architect Fritz Haller that co-created the furniture in the 1960s alongside founder grandson Paul Schaerer, is carefully proportioned and can be configured to fit any home or office space of your imagination. The key of the system is not only its simplicity of design, but also the ease with which it can be assembled, disassembled and reconfigured. The classic design is a manifestation of the company’s ethos – that being true to its environment a design will be timeless, relevant, and conscientious.

This penchant for quality and malleability makes the pieces stand out and prove that simple can add to a space. With three basic elements: a ball joint, connecting tubes, and panels. USM Haller’s pioneering system has revolutionized the way open space solutions can be presented. With clearly constructed lines and unparalleled workmanship the USM Haller system defines the space, but never overwhelms it – and the panels can provide a much-needed pop of color.

As the company grew, its product was its best ally. Reconfiguring a growing space proved USM’s theory of the solution they provided. With this granted encouragement the company grew its line to include collections like the USM Display in 1989 and the USM Kitos in 1990, which now provide further solutions for both business and home.

Inspired by USM’s ideology that the countless possibilities of each system will enrich daily life, Luminaire is setting up an exhibition to highlight the systems inspiration, parts, and modularity. From the last week in October through the month of November, Luminaire’s Design District location, Luminaire Lab, will be displaying an inventive configuration of the systems true to the innovative spirit of USM.