June 2016

Aiming to recognize, empower, and inspire female design thinking through our WOMEN IN DESIGN series, Moroso’s Creative Director Patrizia Moroso joined Luminaire Chicago in an intimate conversation with the renowned Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola Tuesday, June 14. Having both climbed the highest ranks of a typically male dominated world, these design visionaries share a deep and personal relationship that culminates in the creation of iconic pieces. View images of the event here.

​Patrizia Moroso is the Creative Director of Moroso, the company her parents founded in 1952. From its beginning, the company had an artisanal approach to product manufacturing and an extraordinary creativity in the design process. Fostering new talent as well as working with established names in the industry, Patrizia is known for “working with designers she loves” and it is this exact​ ​vision and passion that has led the company to great success.

When Patrizia and​ Patricia​ Urquiola​ met, they felt an instant and compelling connection. Consequently, Moroso became the first manufacturer to produce Urquiola’s work. A long time contributor and good friend of Patrizia Moroso, the prominent​ ​Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola created unique pieces such as Fjord​ ​and Smock​. P​atricia Urquiola​ also ​designed Patrizia’s personal home in Udine, Italy, a 10,000 sq. foot eclectic​ ​abode used for Moroso’s catalogue campaign in 2015 that​ ​underscores the deep and personal relationship between the designer and​ ​the Creative Director.

WOMEN IN DESIGN is a series that advocates female design thinking. We hosted our first iteration of WOMEN IN DESIGN May 12th at Luminaire Lab in the Miami Design District by recognizing the late Zaha Hadid and Lina Bo Bardi with an exhibition of select design pieces from their collection.