WOMEN IN DESIGN: Remembering Lina Bo Bardi & Zaha Hadid

April 2016

Two prolific women in architecture and design ahead of their times – Lina Bo Bardi and Zaha Hadid. At Luminaire, we celebrated these two remarkable women with a presentation of some of their works and a reception honoring these two icons Thursday, May 12th at 6 PM.

On exhibit were limited editions of Lina Bo Bardi’s Bowl chair by Arper – an extraordinary creative collaboration that interprets a unique project from the past. Designed in 1951 by Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi, the Bardi’s Bowl Chair was conceived with an essential frame, and universal shape that harmoniously blends into every environment.

“The artist’s freedom has always been individual, but true freedom can only be collective.” – Lina Bo Bardi

Lina Bo Bardi was an incredibly prolific architect and designer who devoted her life to promoting the social and cultural potential of architecture and design. Renowned for her bold designs, architect Lina Bo Bardi, born Achillina Bo in Rome in 1914, made a lasting mark on mid-century Brazilian architecture and design after emigrating there following the destruction of her office in Milan during World War II.

“I don’t think that architecture is only about shelter, it is only about a very simple enclosure. It should be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think.” – Zaha Hadid

Another remarkable female figure was Zaha Hadid. Over her 30-year career, the Iraqi-born and London based architect was renowned for her groundbreaking contributions to architecture and design with her neo-futuristic style full of smooth curves and concave shapes that seem to defy the laws of physics. She broke several preconceived notions having been the first woman and Muslim to win the prestigious Pritzker Architecture prize, and most recently the first woman to win the RIBA Gold Medal. The grand dame of architecture Zaha Hadid passed away Thursday, March 31, 2016. In honor of her incredible achievements, we exhibited some of her designs from our collection such as the Moon sofa and the Aqua table that silently speak of her mastery.

At Luminaire, we were honored to celebrate these two remarkable women – avant-garde thinkers in architecture and design.