Incense Holder

For over three decades, Piet Stockmans has explored and refined a single material. Throughout his career, he has redefined porcelain as an artistic medium for his creation of large-scale art installations as well as elevated accessories for the home. In his Incense Holder, his mastery of material and characteristic use of blue and white is on full view. The functional object creates a sublime home for intense sticks that is modern in its clean form yet rich in its traditional craftsmanship. Held at an angle, the incense stick appears to become one with the holder as the stick’€™s angle is continued in the angle at the front to the ceramic accessory. In the Incense Holder, the sense of sight, touch, and scent are awakened; the stunning blue coloration makes a visually striking object, the unglazed ceramic provides an inviting tactile experience that connects the user with material directly, and the accessory’s purpose is the diffusion of scent. Evoking the signature characteristics of Stockmans’ body of work, the Incense Holder captures a visceral connection with its user through the senses and is the perfect accessory for an artful release of fragrance in the home.

  • A porcelain holder for incense sticks
  • Unglazed porcelain features a tactile surface
  • Rendered in the designer’s signature colors of blue and white
  • Holder includes a set of incense sticks
  • Length of holder captures all falling ash
H × W × D
1.25 × 3.25 × 12.50 in.
3 × 8.25 × 32 cm.
  • Porcelain


1 Available.

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