Sticks Space Divider

Create your own sanctuary of privacy with the Sticks Space Divider, a modern screen that cleverly separates spaces indoors and out. Designers Hsu-Li Teo and Stefan Kaiser’s innovative design is comprised of a weighted base that holds a forest of vertical fiberglass rods which are organized on a skewed grid. This organization allows for the divider to change in appearance – from dense and opaque to sparse and transparent – depending on where it is viewed from. Perfect to create an intimate area in outdoors in the garden, patio, or balcony, the heavy base of the design prevents the divider from toppling in the wind. Indoors, the useful object can adjust a room’s arrangement to adapt to the needs of the user.The Sticks Space Divider is a useful furniture piece for delineating spaces while retaining a visual openness.

  • Create privacy indoors and out with this innovative room divider
  • Weighted rubber base ensures stability
  • Series of vertical fiberglass rods create division in space
  • Rods arranged on skewed grid
  • Regenerated Rubber
  • Fiberglass



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $20.00 (per qty)

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