Anamorphosis Mirror

A true piece of art made from an oval stainless steel sheet, folded and polished by hand, Valerie Windeck’™s Anamorphosis Mirror creates a silver disc in a corner angle where any two walls meet in a room, like an eyelet opening onto a new moving space. Up close, Anamorphosis is an ideal mirror for make-up, because it shows the three dimensions of the face: the front and both sides. As you move away from it and wander around it, the oval of Anamorphosis is distorted and displays moving and fluid images of its environment, until, visible from only one place in the room, the anamorphosis makes the mirror itself become a perfect disc.

  • Oval stainless steel sheet is folded and polished by hand
  • To be installed in the corner of a room or may also used simply lying on its side, on a table or a console
  • Includes hanging ring to fix to wall
  • Wash carefully with a soft damp cloth
H × W × L
14.50 × 8 × 12.75 in.
37 × 20 × 32.5 cm.
  • Stainless Steel

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