Brass Pocket Mirror

Without detailing, decoration or embellishment, Minimalux has created the luxurious Brass Pocket Mirror. With a rim of precision machined solid brass, the small travel mirror may be held in the hand or balanced on its side. Any time you need a crystal clear reflection, pull the mirror from its leather sleeve. Without plating or lacquering in any way, the surface of the mirror will change with use and age, highlighting the natural properties of the rich material. The mirror is indicative of the London brand’s philosophy of uniting traditional elements of British manufacturing with ultra simple forms to create objects which are at the same time simple yet splendid.

  • A Pocket Mirror with a rim of precision machined solid brass
  • Includes custom leather sleeve for storage
  • Held in the hand or balanced on its side it provides a crystal clear reflection
  • The product is not plated or lacquered in any way, thus allowing its surface finish to change with use and age -“ eventually developing a rich natural patina and becoming uniquely personal to its owner
W × Dia
.25 × 2.25 in.
0.4 × 5.75 cm.
  • Brass
  • Mirror Glass
  • Leather


2 Available.

UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $8.00 (per qty)

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