Yve Hand Mirror Limited Edition

In reimagining the traditional hand mirror, Maarten Baptist has created a limited edition object that plays with the viewer’s sense of identity and self. The Yve Limited Edition Hand Mirror is a sculptural object with a decidedly feminine form and name that transforms the archetypal object’s flatness into a fully three-dimensional sphere with integrated handle. Made entirely of mouth-blown glass with its interior coated in silver, the mirror features 360 degrees of reflection giving it a unique presence in any room. When not in hand, the ball-shaped mirror rests in its included support: a walnut block for tabletop use or an oak shelf for wall mounting. In each instance, the sublime mirrored handle is exposed providing a dynamic contrast between earthly wood and magical reflection. With either option, the Yve Limited Edition Hand Mirror finds its perfect place close at hand on the top a vanity or mounted on the wall for one last check before you leave the house.

  • Mirror made from technical glass with interior silver coating for mirror effect
  • The three-dimensional sphere is mirrored all around, providing a unique distorting effect
  • One face is flat providing an accurate mirror reflection
  • Components hand made in the Czech Republic, Belgium, and Germany
  • The oak wood bases is finished with a transparent lacquer
  • The shelf can be mounted so mirror may be used on left or right side
  • Walnut Or Oak
  • Glass



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $12.00 (per qty)

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