Isaac Reina Pill Boxes

Isaac Reina translates his fascination with architecture into a series of structured leather pouches perfect for storing and transporting makeup and toiletries. Made of supple, natural leather, the Pill Boxes express an innate understanding of material as well as a mastery of construction and form. The rectilinear cases feature rounded edges that create a resemblance the capsule shape of a pill. Around the top of each box is a double zipper allowing the top to open fully and expose the storage space within. The Pill Boxes are characteristic of the designer’s signature minimalist aesthetic. Born in Barcelona and now based in Paris, Isaac Reina originally studied Architecture, a discipline that still informs his work in fashion today. Taking inspiration from industrial aesthetics, geometry, and fine materials, Reina continues to create elevated accessories with a unique appeal. Available in three sizes to fit a variety of daily essentials, the Pill Boxes feature an understated and precise silhouette that creates an enduring and discreet luxury object free of passing trends.

  • A refined collection of leather boxes made of supple leather
  • Perfect for storing makeup and toiletries in style
  • Double zip closure at top
  • Leather lined interior
  • Made of soft double tanned calf leather
  • Double Tanned Calf Leather



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $12.00 (per qty)

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