Amorf 23k Gold Bowl

A juxtaposition of textures and materials creates an intriguing appearance in Klaar Prims’€™ Amorf 23k Gold Bowl. The freely formed organic vessel is mouth-blown by the Belgian designer and features a striking 23k gold leaf interior that glistens under light. The iridescent interior contrasts with the rough, textural matte black powdered finish of the exterior for a dynamic sculptural accessory for the home. Adding to the contrasts contained within the design is the play between sinuous form and clean, precise edge; this smooth edge is cut and polished by hand adding to the artisan nature of the vessel. Since each glass object is made by hand, no two vessels are the same making each one its own work of art. Originally trained as an interior designer, Prims found herself repeatedly integrating elements of glass into her work and a decade ago began to immerse herself in the craft of designing and making glass objects. Her Amorf 23k Gold Bowl represents a refined approach to creating glass objects that exude a sense of personality and dynamism.

  • A dynamic and sculptural vessel that exudes a sense of sophistication
  • Mouth blown amorphous form of glass
  • Smooth top edge is cut and polished by hand
  • Interior is covered in gold leaf for expressive iridescent appearance
  • Exterior features textural black powder finish
  • Each form is unique reflecting the handcrafted nature of the object
  • Glass
  • 23K Gold Leaf



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $12.00 (per qty)

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