Branch Bowl

Combining two contrasting materials, the Branch Bowl pairs hand-blown glass with a single wooden branch. The vessels are created using traditional glass-blowing and woodworking methods. The wooden lid is carefully sourced to include a wooden branch from the designer Pia Wüstenberg’s native Finland. This component is fitted into the hot glass, resulting in a gentle form and charring the wood in the process. The branch becomes the lid of the bowl, the signature ‘touch’ of the marriage remaining on the wood. Poetic and sculptural, the beautiful object can be used as a small jar or displayed alone.

  • Designed by Pia and Moritz Wastenberg
  • Hand blown Bohemian glass
  • Functional sculpture
  • Made in the Czech Republic
H × W × D
10.25 × 9.50 × 6.75 in.
26 × 23 × 17 cm.
  • Glass
  • Alder Wood Branch

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