John Pawson Off-White Lacquer Bowl

John Pawson has designed a bowl as a perfect seamless hemisphere, refraining from the use of flatness in the base in order to preserve the integrity of the profile’s smooth curve. Filled with sand, the Off-White Lacquer Bowl rests steadily on a surface, arousing curiosity in its audience with all inner-workings deliberately hidden from plain sight. Pawson has combined a traditional material, metal, and a minimal shape – the combination of which makes for perfect use in contemporary spaces. Part of the Belgian atelier When Objects Work’s inaugural collection by Pawson titled “5 Objects,” each of the pieces is a container based on a basic geometric shape and explores the interaction between material and form.

  • A perfect, seamless hemisphere of lacqured metal
  • The striking sculptural quality of the piece comes from its simplicity of form, monumental scale and its ability to rest obliquely on a surface
  • A signature John Pawson piece
  • This is a decorative piece not meant for fruit or vegetables which may interact with the material
  • Hand wash with no chemicals or detergents
11.75 in.
30 cm.
  • Metal
  • Sand


1 Available.

UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $15.00 (per qty)

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