Nongo Woven Jugs

An expression of craft and culture, the As’Art Nongo Woven Jugs celebrate the rich cultural tradition of African basket weaving. Modern in form, the simple and sinuous shape of the jugs are enlivened by their exquisite texture. The tactile sensibility of the jugs is a result of the intricate hand weaving techniques that are used to create the vessels. Crafted in Zimbabwe of locally harvested naturally dried wild grasses, the jugs are made by skilled artisans who follow the time-honored crafts of their ancestors. The Nongo Woven Jugs are part of As’Art’s collection of sustainable craft-based objects made in developing countries. The project aims to raise the standard of living for local makers by providing them with a higher-than-average income, good working conditions, and the ability to continue the traditions of their culture. The woven vessels are available with powerful tonal geometric motifs or plain monochromatic patterns, both of which bring a powerful juxtaposition of texture, form, and material into the modern home. The Nongo Woven Jugs are an enduring yet humble collection of objects that are imbued with a rich sense of cultural tradition and positive, fair-trade ethics.

  • A traditional African woven basket adds texture and intrigue to the interior
  • Crafted by hand in Zimbabwe from locally harvested materials
  • Each piece is unique
  • Celebrates the time honored craft of weaving
  • Available with a striking graphic motif
  • The basket is part of a project to aid people in developing countries by providing fair wages
H × Dia
15 × 13 in.
38 × 33 cm.
  • Dried Grasses


2 Available (can be backordered).

UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $15.00 (per qty)

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