Pascal Oudet Bowl Sculptures

The artistry of the Pascal Oudet Bowl Sculptures challenges our perception of what wood can look like. Oudet’€™s intricate pieces are handmade, chiefly on the wood lathe, and inspired by the effects of weather, “the action sun, rain, frost” have on natural materials. In Oudet’€™s view, this weathering reveals the inner qualities of substances such as wood and stone and is the impetus for his work. The Pascal Oudet Bowl Sculptures comprise three meticulously crafted bowls that push wood to a point nearly past recognition — to the untrained eye, these sculptures resemble woven baskets. Oudet is based in Goncelin, France and his work has been showcased in design shows and exhibitions worldwide. The Pascal Oudet Bowl Sculptures are representative of this sculptor’s unique work.

  • Designed by Pascal Oudet
  • Unique sculptures
  • Handmade from wood
  • Inspired by the weathering of natural materials
  • Made in Goncelin, France
  • Wood



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