Colossus Sculptures

The Colossus Sculptures designed by Argentine Julian Pastorino includes a collection of seven funky and simple porcelain pieces ideal for a one of a kind gift. Made of pure white porcelain, each of the seven figurines has their own character, physical features and individual stories. Each sculpture melanges tradition and contemporary classicism with avant-garde designs. Manufactured by the Italian brand Covo, the Colossus Sculptures are great for collecting and the perfect conversation starters.

  • The collection includes 7 different sculpture figures: Bunnyman, Crestin, Gordo, Chaski, Xian-Marco, Niwrad, and Surfero
  • Manufactured by Covo based in Italy
  • Designed by Argentine Julian Pastorino
  • Made of white porcelain
  • White Porcelain



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $10.00 (per qty)

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