Monoblade Mobile

A study in contrasts and poetics, Francois Azambourg’s Monoblade Mobile is set into motion at the slightest touch of air. Made entirely by hand in Atelier Azamboug in Paris, the mobile is part of a limited edition series of exercises in wind. The mobile – lightweight yet stable, fragile but robust – is a limited edition piece for the home which is signed and numbered by the designer. This ethereal piece uses material in a poetic nature employing silk and piano wire to create the balanced yet organic form. For stability, the piece is mounted on a wood base.

  • A limited edition piece, the mobile balances gracefully and moves with the slightest of breeze
  • Made entirely by hand in the designers own studio in Paris
  • Ethereal in form and materials used, the poetic piece is crafted from silk, piano wire and wood
  • Signed and numbered by the designer
  • Stabilized on wooden base
H × W
26 × 18 in.
66 × 46 cm.
  • Silk
  • Piano Wire And Wood


6 Available.

UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $20.00 (per qty)

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