Rillen Vessels

Recognizing the intrinsic, natural qualities of wood, German artist Christoph Finkel pushes the limits of woodworking to create stunning, sculptural vessels. Initially the result of an incorrect cut into a piece of wood, Finkel began to experiment with the possibilities of deep reveals and undulating lines cut into his vessels resulting in his unique, signature aesthetic. Experimenting with machine and hand-tools, Finkel reduces heavy, raw wood into perfectly shaped bowls. Viewing wood as a living material, the artist is interested in the history and natural characteristics of each piece and highlights these qualities as he creates his unique objects. Each vessel is made by hand and is a one of a kind piece complete with the artist’s signature and product number on the bottom. Four variations are available in the round shape, with a small version crafted from apple wood and three larger versions made of pear wood.

  • Each piece is a unique, hand-made object
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • Each bowl begins with the careful selection of wood from locally sourced trees; Finkel first cuts the tree with his chainsaw to get a rough form and, if necessary, the wood is dried
  • Using various vintage metal turning machines that the designer rebuilt to fit his needs, with several steps of hand carving using specially made steel and iron knives and wood turning tools, he achieves the desired surface
  • Before the bowls are finished, sanding with paper or a steel brush may also occur before the piece is dried for up to three months
  • Object 6 is apple wood and objects 11, 5 and 2 are pear wood
  • Apple Wood
  • Pear Wood



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $15.00 (per qty)

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