Rio Vase

Expressing the designer’€™s grand passion for Murano glass, Ivan Baj’s Rio Vase is a minimal vessel that features the harmonious joining of two types of glass. Mouth-blown using traditional Murano practices by the Italian maestro Andrea Zilio, the vases in this limited edition series explore the traditional Incalmo technique where two mouth-blown cylinders of different colors come together to form a single blown piece. The result is a stunningly modern art piece that pays homage to the history and craft of traditional glass making while remaining decidedly contemporary in form and energy. Each piece in the numbered series is signed by the designer. Perfect for display around the home, the Rio Vase shines when placed under light showcasing the contrasting transparent and opaque sections of the vessel.

  • A sublime exploration of traditional Murano glass techniques
  • Minimal vessel that harmoniously joins two types of glass following the Incalmo technique
  • Mouth-blown by master glass maker Andrea Zilio
  • Available in two sizes
  • Murano Glass


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