Vazna Glass Vase

Function and simplicity meet halfway in Studio Macura’€™s purposeful double-sided Vazna Glass Vase. Two parts of unequal volume are joined together creating a unique juxtaposition of lengths. One object thus contains two functional pieces: a larger opening – 20 centimeters in length – holds an array of floral with ample freedom of space, while a smaller opening celebrates size with precision and is perfect for holding smaller, single stems. The entrancing design of the Vazna Glass Vase transforms an everyday object into a new visual experience as a result of the hand-blown glass whose transparent tones emit depth and equality in perspective, setting aside, for a split second, the two parts of unequal volume into a unified single structure in beauty and progress.Â

  • Place the Vanza Glass Vase on either side allowing you to use the large compartment or smaller compartment depending on your needs
  • Two parts of unequal volume are joined creating one unique object
  • Larger opening is 20cm deep and holds large floral arrangements
  • Smaller opening is 10cm deep and holds small floral
  • Hand-blown Czech glass
H × Dia
11.75 × 4.25 in.
30 × 10.5 cm.
  • Hand Blown Glass


3 Available.

UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $12.00 (per qty)

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