Blob Vases

Translating the sublime beauty found in nature into a strikingly sculptural glass vessel, NasonMoretti’€™s Blob Vases are inspired by the moment in which a water droplet hits a solid surface and expands into an unconstrained and sinuous form. The fluid form of the vase is the result of mouth-blowing glass, allowing each iteration to take on a unique form just as the inspirational water droplets do in nature. Made in Italy, the vases continue NasonMoretti’€™s legacy of connecting the ancient tradition of Murano glass -full of exuberant colors and forms – to a more modern trend dictated by clean lines and refined forms. The Blob Vase is available in four bold versions, each ready to bring the dynamism of glass into the home for a timeless decorative accent.

  • A sinuous glass vase inspired by the poetry of a droplet of water hitting a surface
  • Available in four versions
  • Created following traditional Murano glass-blowing techniques
  • The decorative accessory can be used as a light by adding a socket and draping it within
  • Glass



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $20.00 (per qty)

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