Geacolor Vase

Architect, designer, and theorist Gae Aulenti is one of the best-known Italian designers in the second half of the 20th century and one of the few well-recognized women working in Italy in the hotbed of postwar design. Her Geacolor glass vase for Venini illustrates her unconventional approach to design and intense dedication to both the conceptual and the practical. Geacolor is a hand-made piece. A transparent globe of glass provides the base, as other hand-blown globes, colored by the addition of small quantities of metal oxide, are draped over the base while still hot. The multi-colored layers are chipped to maintain the globular structure and to create a texture and a color pattern unique to each vase.

  • Architect, designer, and theorist Gae Aulenti's
  • Hand-made design
  • Vibrant colors take on an ethereal glow when hit by light
  • Texture and a color pattern unique to each vase
11.75 in.
30 cm.
  • Glass
  • Metal Oxide

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