Crevasse Vase

A vase cut from a single block of steel and scored along two diagonal lines, Crevasse by Zaha Hadid for Alessi creates a warped, inverted surface. With a force similar to that of an arctic crevasse, the twisted walls accentuate the verticality of Hadid’s creation. Finished with a mirror-polish, the object’s algid perfection resembles the reflection of perpetual snow. Crevasse is infused with Hadid’s highly cerebral, intense aesthetic, which creates a functional object that speaks to the designer’s own philosophies. Assembled in groups, the vases come together and match to create solid forms. Standing alone, the vase is visually strong; making an impact where ever it is placed.

  • Sculpturesque Flower vase fills the three-dimensional nature of space with a force similar to that of an arctic crevasse
  • Twisted walls accentuate the verticality of the vase
  • Mirror polished exterior
H × W × L
16.50 × 2.25 × 3.25 in.
42 × 6 × 8 cm.
  • Stainless Steel


2 Available.

UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $15.00 (per qty)

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