Gauge Crystal Glass Vase

Designed by Jim Rokos, the mouth-blown Gauge Crystal Glass Vase is a distinctive and playful piece that takes on the natural behavior of a flower. Just like a gauge, the vase indicates the level of remaining water, by the angle of the vase’€™s neck. Taking on the behavior of a flower, the weight of the water will at first hold the vase upright and then properly ‘wilt’€™ as the flower(s) drinks the water, letting you know that it needs watering. The vase leans and sways and always returns to where it best balances. The narrow neck limits the number of flowers so it does not over-balance. The vessel is available as both a table vase and as a large floor vase. The mouth-blown design is free formed by hand in England, without the use of moulds. Each piece is accompanied by a certificate, indicating its unique production number. The minimal Gauge Crystal Glass Vase is reminiscent of flowers dancing in a breeze.

  • Designed by Jim Rokos
  • Distinctive and playful
  • Available as a table vase in small and medium, and as a large floor vase
  • The weight of the water holds the vase upright
  • Has a round base that tilts and sways
  • Each piece is accompanied by a certificate, indicating its unique production number
  • Tiny metal balls are included which clean the inside of the vase when swirled around inside with soap and water
  • Crystal Glass



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $12.00 (per qty)

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