Weight Vases

A reinterpretation of the flower vase, designer Decha Archjananum’s Weight Vases strip the common object to its most basic functionality. Primitive yet refined, a black-painted laser-cut steel frame works in tandem with a concrete base to hold water and flower stems. The concrete base adds weight to create a stable object while the frame is designed to support the stems of flowers. Different shapes of vases are created for different types of flowers. While studying vases, in use since the Neolithic age, the designer realized that every vase has the same basic principle – to hold flowers. Further, vases utilize two basic parts which function differently – a base to hold water and an opening to hold stems. By separating the two parts into individual features, a minimal object was born.

  • Vase made of two individual pieces which function in tandem
  • A base made of concrete holds water and stabilizes the object
  • A black-painted laser-cut frame supports the stems of flowers
  • Reinterpretation of classic object
  • Two forms work with different types of flowers, vertical and horizontal
  • Rubberized interior in concrete base holds water
  • Concrete
  • Steel



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