Via Fondazza Vase

Milanese designer Paolo Dell’€™Elce found inspiration for his Via Fondazza Vases in the archetypal subjects represented in Giorgio Morandi’s still life paintings. Realized in brightly polished brass, the collection of three distinctly shaped vases translate the 20th-century Italian artist’s thorough research into the balance between shapes and proportions as depicted in his simple two-dimensional representations of vases, bottles, and bowls into sophisticated three-dimensional objects. Further referencing the connection to the artist, the designer named the vases after the street in Bologna where the artist kept his studio. The resulting designs are manually spun by craftsmen at Skultuna who have been mastering the craft of metalworking and fine finishing techniques for over 400 years. Perfect as a decorative object on the tabletop, shelf, or bookcase, the sculptural vases remain striking whether holding flowers or left empty. Either way, the Via Fondazza Vases bring an artistic element into the home that is stunning in its simplicity.

  • A collection of vases modeled after still life paintings by the Italian artist Giorgio Morandi
  • Three shapes available
  • Mirror-polished brass finish
  • Hand-spun by skilled craftsmen at Skultuna
  • Designed in 2014
  • Polished Brass



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $12.00 (per qty)

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