Glocal Teppanyaki Tray

Inspired by Japanese culinary culture, the Glocal Teppanyaki Tray is minimal and elegant. The Glocal collection is specifically dedicated to accessories for the preparation of foods from different cultures. The tray can be used as a practical grill following the typical Japanese Teppanyaki technique. This technique owes its name to the union of the words “teppan”€ (grill, iron plate) and “yaki”€ (sautéed). The aim of Teppanyaki technique is to cook and eat on the same plate. KNIndustrie proposed a product on which it is possible to grill and then serve dishes directly from the tray. Simplifying the experience of cooking utensils, the name “Glocal” is a play on words derived from global and local. The Glocal Teppanyaki Tray is a versatile kitchen accessory with a sophisticated allure.

  • Made from a special material multilayer aluminum and steel
  • Can be used both as a tray or practical grill
  • Minimal and elegant
  • Simplifies the cooking experience
  • Made by KNIndustrie
  • Follows the typical Japanese Teppanyaki technique where you eat and cook on the same plate
  • Made to serve on traditions of several backgrounds and cultures
15.25 in.
39 cm.
  • Steel
  • Aluminum


3 Available.

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