All On Board

What looks like a simple cutting board reveals hidden innovations to make preparing food in the kitchen a more seamless experience. Designer Alain Gilles’ All On Board features a solid oak cutting board that rests within a durable plastic scoop available in green or grey. The scoop slides along the wooden board to make it easy to separate food from their scraps so they may be disposed of in the trash. This also allows for direct board-to-pan action for all your chopped and liquid ingredients, and its funnel-shaped handle gives you a very useful pouring vessel for the harvested meat-stock. Inspired by France’s rich, culinary tradition, All On Board is a modern and convenient take on the archetypal cutting board that uses sensual, graphic shapes to create a visually appealing kitchen accessory for the modern home.

  • An innovative twist on the essential cutting board
  • Solid oak surface slides in and out of durable scoop
  • Allows user to easily discard of scraps or conveniently place cut items in pot
  • Available in green or grey
  • Hand wash
H × W × L
1.50 × 10.25 × 18 in.
3.7 × 25.5 × 46 cm.
  • Oak
  • Abs



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $12.00 (per qty)

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