Exzentrik Pepper Mill & Salt Shaker

Katja Höltermann’s Exzentrik Pepper Mill & Salt Shaker reflects a purely geometric approach to minimal design. Like a sculpture for the tabletop, the pure cylindrical form is cut in two proportionate segments to effectively combine the serving of salt and pepper into one useful object. The top, smaller portion, serves as a salt shaker and the bottom, larger portion, acts as a pepper grinder. The top portion rotates on a different axis creating an intriguing appearance while serving its functional purpose. This distinctive design is visually exciting and adds an unexpected element to dining. For ease of use, the mills are filled by simply taking off the cap and the grinding fineness can be adjusted at the underside of the mill. Reduced to its essential form, the Exzentrik Pepper Mill & Salt Shaker cleverly blends aesthetics with function making seasoning food a pleasant experience.

  • A sculptural approach to a functional object
  • Salt and Pepper is combined into one shaker and mill
  • Twist the top and grind spices and seasoning
  • Easy to refill by removing caps
  • Able to adjust fineness of grinding
L × Dia
4.25 × 1.75 in.
11 × 4.5 cm.
  • Stainless Steel


2 Available.

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