Kokeshi Salt and Pepper Bottles

Inspired by a traditional wooden Japanese doll, Denis Guidone’s Kokeshi collection translates the collectible’€™s iconic form into a collection of glass and cork tabletop accessories. Typically handmade of wood, Kokeshi dolls are characterized by their simple and essential form that consists of a slender body topped by an enlarged head. Diverse in their shapes and sizes, a few simple and thin paint strokes on each doll’€™s face are enough to convey varied personalities. Part of the larger series, Guidone’€™s Kokeshi Salt and Pepper Bottles interpret the doll’€™s simplified body into a slender vessel made of borosilicate glass. Just as the doll is topped by an enlarged head, each of the bottles features a bulbous cork stopper on top. Different in sizes – the taller is for salt, the shorter for pepper – there is a stopper at the bottom to refill the bottle, and both have one small hole at the top for dispensing. Designed for Ichendorf Milano, the bottles are the result of nearly a century of research and advancements in the company’s glassmaking facility. Like the dolls that inspired them, the whimsical Kokeshi Salt and Pepper Bottles become part of a larger family when mixed with the rest of the collection.

  • A creative and whimsical collection of tabletop accessories that are inspired by Japanese Kokeshi dolls
  • A glass bottle is topped with a cork stopper
  • The taller is for salt, the shorter for pepper
  • Each is sold seperately
  • At the bottom of each is a stopper that can be removed to refill the bottles
  • The cork top includes one small hole for dispensing seasoning
  • Mouth-blown glass made in Milan
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Cork



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