Gennaro Glass Server

Reimagine your dining experience with Blueside Design’s Gennaro Glass Server, a dramatic tabletop accessory that brings an abundance of creativity to food presentation with its striking design. The novel borosilicate glass sphere features small indented caves designed to hold and present pastries, finger food, and appetizers as works of art which radiate from its sculptural form. The culinary contents of the server seem to suspend magically in the air, creating a delightful and surprisingly whimsical addition to the tabletop. Available in two sizes – small with 32 caves and large with 60 caves – the inspired design seeks to revitalize the artistic possibilities of food through utilizing creative presentation techniques. The Gennaro Glass Server succeeds in this mission by ingeniously interpreting traditional trays and centerpieces into a functional work of art that stands out for its bold uniqueness. Mouth-blown by skilled artisans, the Gennaro Glass Server enhances the presentation of food and intensifies its aesthetic beauty with its inventive design and mastery of material.

  • A striking centerpiece for the table designed for artful serving
  • The vessel features indented caves for holding pastries, finger food, and appetizers
  • Made of borosilicate glass for lightness and durability
  • Available in two sizes - small features 32 caves and large features 60
  • Creates a dramatic presentation on the tabletop
  • Borosilicate Glass



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $20.00 (per qty)

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