Emptiness Dinnerware

The minimal design and attention to details that are present in the Emptiness Dinnerware is meant to awaken the sense of touch while in use. Designer Kate Chung references a core philosophy of Chinese Taoism to create harmony between the being and the non-being. To keep the design as minimal as possible is to encourage the user to notice the void of emptiness, the hollow part that people place their food in or on. With consistent and floating lines, the series allows you to make your own combination in a fun and artistic manner. The range of dinnerware pieces includes various plates that may be layered for a unique presence on the table. Additionally, the series is complimented by a cup, a soup dish and a large salad bowl sized for serving.

  • Crafted from porcelain with a glazed interior and raw base
  • Subtle lip creates a boundary for food on the plate
  • Clean lines and minimal design do not distract from the food nor other table objects
  • Harmonious use of proportion creates balance between each piece in the series
  • Porcelain



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $5.00 (per qty)

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