Felt Placemats

Simple forms with harmonious proportions, Daff’s Felt Placemats combine the rich texture of high-quality merino wool felt with a wide range of vivid colors. Precise rectangles and circles, the mats are highly durable which make them practical and fashionable for any home. The quality of the natural felt cannot be compared to any synthetically manufactured items; the collection of items all have a thickness between 4 and 5 mm and a fine, silky surface. Another benefit of the material is the ability to wash the mats; small stains may be easily wiped off of the fabric while for larger messes, the mats may be placed on the gentle cycle of a washing machine. Beyond the distinctive and unique approach to home and office accessories,Daff’s design is also distinct due to their use of ecologically sound production methods.

  • Daff creates unity between the strong texture of wool and clean, minimalist shapes to create modern tabletop accessories
  • The placemats have been processed in an environmentally friendly way and — very important for any table — they are washable
  • The use of pure merino wool for the felt ensures bight, vivid colors
  • 4-5 mm thick
  • Merino Wool Felt



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