Leather Coasters

Made in Denmark, the Leather Coasters are simple and durable mats ideal for your living room or dining room table. Made of sustainable recycled leather and latex, the coasters are both water and dirt resistant, and easy to clean with a bit of glass cleaner. The protection process of the leather does not remove the characteristic touch and scent. The leather coasters are available in three shapes – round, square, and curved, and available in either black or anthracite. Simple forms with harmonious proportions define the elegant Leather Coasters.

  • Available in three shapes: Round, Square, Curved
  • Available in two colors: Black or Anthracite leather
  • Made of a combination of recycled leather and latex that strengthens the natural abilities of the materials
  • The coasters are both water resistant, easy to clean and tough, but at the same time have the characteristic leather touch and scent
  • Made in Denmark
  • Recycled Leather And Latex



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