PLAT-EAU Stone Trays

The PLAT-EAU Stone Trays comprise a selection of five imaginative trays that each creatively explores and celebrates the varied textures, surfaces and qualities of natural stone, augmented at times with materials such as hand-finished brass and colorful glass. The trays are configured in geometric, collage-like artistic arrangements and are a study in shape and form. Functionally adaptable, they can be used in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or for entertaining. Designed by Italian architect Silvia Fanticelli for the renowned Italian design company Salvatori, known for its expertise in transforming stone, the series is named for the French word for tray. The Milan-based Fanticelli is inspired by art and the creative world across cultures. In products such as the PLAT-EAU Stone Trays she explores the myriad ways in which art influences design.

  • Designed by Silvia Fanticelli
  • From Italian company Salvatori
  • Made of specially sourced natural stone
  • Augmented with materials such as hand-finished brass and glass
  • Surfaces are protected with three layers of sealant
  • Designed in Milan
  • Natural Stone
  • Hand-Finished Brass
  • Glass



UPS Standard Ground Delivery is: $15.00 (per qty)

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