Rock Dish

Under the careful hand of Piet Stockmans, a traditional material reveals an entirely new dimension. In the Belgian ceramicist’s Rock Dish, ceramic is transformed into a sculptural plate consisting of a grid of circular blue and white mounds. Each mound appears as if its top has been removed, revealing a rough surface in white that highlights the tactile quality of the material while evoking the texture of natural rocks. This balance between clean forms and irregular interventions by the artist highlight his unique ability to blur the boundaries between functional object and artistic sculpture. In his signature colors of blue and white, Stockmans creates a world of fine ceramics that evoke an emotion within the viewer making his work famous around the world for its sensitivity to material and production. Placed on a table, the Rock Dish becomes a striking conversation piece and invites art into the home in new and surprising ways.

  • A sculptural dish made of ceramic
  • Designed by Belgian Ceramicist Piet Stockmans
  • Features his signature blue and white colors
  • Grid of mounds appear broken revealing textural white ceramic
H × W × D
1.50 × 20.50 × 14.50 in.
4 × 52 × 37 cm.
  • Ceramic


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